Experienced cultural project professional
My passion is connecting people to each other, to their roots in the past and the present, and to the beauty of life itself. I do so, contributing to a variety of social and cultural projects. I manage activities, organize events, and do communication for associations and local communities. I also manage cultural heritage projects – writing the application and obtaining funding, content research, project curating, production, and communication. Lastly, I do production for art exhibitions based on my experience as a museum director.
I have a no-nonsense managerial style, an analytical mind, and a hands-on attitude. As a former journalist, my main strengths are in storytelling, media and communication – recording and editing interviews, designing print and websites, and social media.
My personal interests are reading, cooking, landscape exploring, hiking, photography, and above all, living a slow and simple life.
I work as a freelance digital nomad based in Waltham on the Wolds, Leicestershire, in the East Midlands (UK).
Ongoing projects are:    
§ Travel in Time, Revisiting Places from the Past
§ photographer and historical researcher for the Woodland Trust
§ production and communication management for a Dutch-based community project Golfslag
§ project support for the Dutch Aardenburg Art Festival Biennial
More information on my website New Traces and LinkedIn profile.

Photo Evita Hinneman

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