Experienced cultural project professional
My passion is connecting people to each other, to their roots in the past and the present, and to the beauty of life itself. I do so contributing to a variety of social and cultural projects. I manage activities, organize events, and do communication for associations and local communities. I also manage cultural heritage projects – writing the application and obtaining funding, content research, project curating, production, and communication. Lastly, I do production for art exhibitions based on my experience as a museum director.
I have a no-nonsense managerial style, analytical mind, and a hands-on attitude. As a former journalist my main strengths are in storytelling, media and communication – recording and editing interviews, designing print and websites, and social media.
My personal interests are reading, cooking, landscape exploring, hiking, photography, and above all living a slow and simple life.
As a freelancer I work as a digital nomad, based in Waltham on the Wolds, Leicestershire in the East Midlands (UK). Ongoing projects are:
    § production and communication management for a Dutch based community project Golfslag
    § project support for the Dutch Aardenburg Art Festival Biennial
    § photographer and historical researcher Londonthorpe Woods for the Woodland Trust (volunteer)
    § field work archaeology group of the Rutland Local History and Record Society (volunteer)
Please find examples of projects and more information on my LinkedIn profile. For my former professional activities in Belgium and The Netherlands visit my Villakulla website (in Dutch).

Photo Evita Hinneman

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